We have already chosen our ideal leather jacket. Now it’s time to show her off. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your new toy.


You’re going to work, but you do not want to wear your suit jacket? Combining your leather jacket with a white shirt, dark trousers (charcoal for example) and some Oxford shoes that go with the look. We get to mix some discreet tones that make you look sober without the need to go all in black

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The fact that your workplace does not have a strict dress code does not mean that you can loosen your gripo n fashion! A pair of jeans and black or khaki green clothes are a staple. It is a combo that looks great and works on everyone, be it men or women.

Change the Oxford shoes for an appropriate boot, a little more casual. The contrast will give a spin to the outfit, not only because of the military reminiscence but also because it gives a touch of color without risking too much. Keep it simple

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Leather jackets are the ideal complement in those occasions when you want to wear an outewear, but at the same time you want that your outwear to look almost as good as you do. A dress with high heels and a perfecto style short jacket with tight waist is the way to go.
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How is it possible that a simple white T-shirt, a leather jacket and some jeans make a superlative outfit? You are right. Three very simple pieces that for some reason fit into any situation. Add a textured gray sweater or hooded sweatshirt when the temperature goes down a bit and you are done.

You can still wear the boots in this look, jeans are also the perfect match for your favourite sneakers.

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The idea that leather jackets are thing of rock-lovers is already gone. Wear a plain t-shirt, worn-out jeans, light scarf and some bracelets or a necklace. The result will be somewhat relaxed and will look good in almost any situation.

These are just a few ideas on how to use your leather jacket. It has always been one of the most versatile and most used garments, both for men and for women, so do not be afraid to try new things and get out of the script. If the jacket is of good quality, and you have the right attitude, you are going to rock it!

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