A leather biker jacket is not the first garment we think about when we are getting ready for an important event in which we have to dress in an elegant way, for example on Christmas Eve. This could be because we don’t really realize how versatile this jacket is. You immediately get cool and stylish by adding this piece to any outfit. If you are one of those who need to see to believe, you will be impressed with this post in which, looking up to people ranging from the trend-setter and model Kate Moss, to the Oscar-winning actress Hellen Mirren, we achieve the most absolute elegance with a leather jacket.

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Sarah Jessica Parker attended NY Fashion Week mixing a flowing pink silk dress with a black leather jacket. Breaking with everything, the contrast is wonderful for any New Year’s Eve party.

Demi Lovato, on the other hand, combines the leather jacket with a black crop top and a long printed silk skirt.

Rachel Bilson returns to the combo maxi dress + leather jacket. She combines it with high heels, but either with this kind of shoe or with a flat boot, you’ll look great at the Christmas dinner.



2 jackets cuero fiestas


Kate Moss is unique, we are not discovering anything new. But she does teach us a great lesson: Not to freeze to death while wearing a vertiginous opening on the dress by adding a pair of panties and a leather jacket of the same color. All eyes will be on you without suffering any kind of cold!


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In this duel of titans we are not able to decide who wears the leather biker with more elegance, Emma Stone combines it with a red dress and a nude stilettos. A perfect outfit for Christmas day or Christmas Eve.

Emma Watson however, wears a New Year’s Eve look that would turn anyone’s head. Follow the formula of Demi Lovato (long skirt + crop top + leather biker) but she takes a Little bit more of risk by adding lace and red shoes. Simply sexy.


4 party leather jackets

Last but not least, we have the ultimate proof that the leather jacket has the instant power to rejuvenate and make any look sexy. If not, tell Hellen Mirren, who shines in her own light in her leopard print chiffon dress combined with a black leather biker.










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