A leather jacket is not the first garment that comes to mind when we think of a Queen, it has a rebellious connotation that is far removed from the image of any member of a royal family. Thanks to the versatility of the leather jacket, anyone can wear it on almost any occasion. If not, tell Rania of Jordan, Letizia of Spain, and Matilde of Belgium.
















Rania of Jordan is one of the most elegant of all the women of the monarchies, in these two different occasions opts for a brown leather jacket, classic and modern at the same time. She manages to give a modern touch to her styles with the leather jacket, but maintains the sobriety of a Queen. She combines it in both situations with midi dresses and heels, which always add femininity to the whole. Special attention should be paid to the belt: she wears it on both occasions, the first above the jacket and the second below. Always marking the waist and highlighting its silhouette.




Queen Letizia is always in the spotlight in every public appearance and each of her stylisms is analysed in detail, she is a woman who takes great care of her image and likes to be informed of trends and take them out into the street. We can clearly see it in these two images. The first is an outfit more casual than the second, but both have one thing in common: Wear a leather jacket.

We can see that the black leather jacket combines it with a white thread shirt and grey suit trousers; stylish, elegant and modern.

In the second image we see her with a red leather jacket fully buckled, and a cream skirt at knee height combined with stilettos in the same whole. The result is simply perfect.














Queen Matilde went to a concert in Brussels that elegantly, wearing a black leather jacket with a pleated chimney neck, which together with the short hair, is very flattering to her face cut.


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