Once we have decided on what kind of leather we want for our jacket, we will find a myriad of models and brands. As it usually happens, the key is in the details. There are several small things that make the difference between an average leather jacket and a magnificent leather jacket. Below we comment on what to look for in our leather jacket.




The outer and decorative, seams are usually made along the edges of the seams and pockets, and gives the jacket a more visual and eye-catching touch. Along with sewing, they are a very important factor to take into account when choosing your jacket If they are of poor quality, it is going to be noticeable and it is very likely that as time passes, the seams will end up tearing, spoiling the garment. If, on the other hand, a good thread has been used to make them, they are going to be much more good looking and will be much more resistant, being able to last decades, with the appropriate care.

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Some designers sometimes reduce costs by using thinner, finer threads, or by limiting the number of seams, sometimes even eliminating them. The more seams the jacket has (without going too much) the better.


Cheaper jackets often use polyester lining. These linings can tear and break very easily and are often the first sign that we have that our leather jacket is not as good as we were told.

The highest quality leather jackets usually have two types of lining: one for the body and one for the sleeves. The lining of the body must be made of a resistant material, for example, cotton, as it will suffer most of the friction. The sleeves are usually lined with silky fabrics, such as rayon, an extremely breathable material made of fibers that make the jacket feel much more luxurious and comfy when you put it on

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The cheaper jackets will have a lower armhole in order to fit in more types of bodies and thus have more chances of scoring a sale. When an armhole is too loose and low, it will pull from the body and the back of the jacket when you move your arms, making it highly uncomfortable

Good quality jackets will have a tighter fit. The advantage of having a higher and tighter armhole, is that it significantly improves the movement of the arms, and achieves a better fit.

Regarding the sleeves, the ideal is that they are not too wide. The tighter to the arm they are, the more stylized the jacket will be, but it is important that you allow your arm to bend comfortably because if it does not, it will be a hell every time you wear it. The length should not go lower than your wrist. People often roll up their sleeves for a more casual look. In fact, there are brands that make jackets with a short sleeve at the height of the middle of the forearm.




As a rule, the simpler the design of the jacket and the fewer items the jacket has, it will be cheaper and easier to manufacture than a more elaborate one: Fewer design details mean fewer pieces to cut, to align, and to sew. This means a less interesting items, simpler pockets, and sometimes (men’s jackets) they don’t even have inner pockets.

While it is true that there are clean or minimalist cut jackets, watch the effort that has been dedicated when designing and manufacturing a jacket. Realizing the effort that has been put in designing and manufacturing the jacket is something that can be easily seen, no matter the style of the jacket.



The zipper is probably the most eye-catching element of the leather jacket, along with leather itself. A good-looking zipper will make your leather jacket look much more luxurious. On the contrary, a cheap zipper, will, most likely minimize its value.

The most common zippers tend to be made of light metal., therefore they are more fragile, and while it is true that a zipper is one of the easiest elements to replace, we should not have to do it if good materials are used.

Ideally, they should have a sturdy structure, be smooth going both up and down and have bright finishes to make them visually more attractive.

On the other hand, there are other decorative elements that maximize the overall value of a jacket. For example, the buttons on the lapels or the pressure buttons of the cheaper jackets, tend to be plain.  High-end jackets almost always have them engraved with the name of the brand or with other decorative details that make them stand out. As we have said at the beginning, it is the small thing that make the difference.

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